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As 83% of Canadian commuters drive alone in their cars, ElectraMeccanica thought of something special: the SOLO electric car. Why pay more, pollute more, and stay in the crowd, when you can actually pay less, with zero pollution?

ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corporation is a Canadian start-up, a designer and producer of EVs. Their headquarter is in Vancouver, British Columbia and their mini car is so damn special. Let’s find out why.

Solo Electric
Solo Electric Car – Front side

If we look at it from the front side, you may almost mistake it for a normal car. But if you look from the side, you will see that’s only half of it 🙂 and if you are curious enough and want to dive out more into the subject, you’ll see that SOLO EV turns people’s heads but it is not actually a car.

It’s a three-wheeled EV, with zero emissions, and a 17.3KWh lithium battery pack. It can reach 80mph (128km/h), making it safe for highways, and the extra good news is that you can park it almost anywhere. Solo EV’s range is around 100 miles (161km). The small electric engine develops 50 horsepower and it can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in about 10 seconds.

This cute smart car can be charged to 90% in about three hours with a Level II charger, or overnight to about 60% with a common household 120V outlet.


SOLO is 53 inches in height, 123 inches in length, 735 pounds in weight, and has 5 cubic feet (142 liters) of storage space. The Cargo version is about the same height and width, only that the boot / cargo space has been expanded to 8 cubic feet (226 liters).

Solo EV Cargo

Solo EV Price

This microcar is ideal for food delivery, rideshare, and courier service. It features power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, Bluetooth, front and rear crumple zones, side impact protection, roll bar, and torque-limiting control. And it’s all priced at $18,500.

solo ev price
Solo EV Price

ElectraMeccanica on Social Media

The company’s Facebook page has already reached 16k followers, they got 3k subscribers on Youtube, and almost 8k fans on Instagram.

Release date

Solo is already available and you can test it. A special launch event will take place on October 4th in L.A. and that’s the first delivery day for the first clients.

The production started back in 2020, with the help of their Chinese partner Zongshen Industrial Group.

Besides the common version, they launched the fleet and commercial one, called SOLO Cargo EV.

“This is the Key Moment we’ve all been eagerly anticipating: We’re announcing the delivery of the first SOLOs to excited customers, We are revolutionizing the transportation space by providing consumers, fleets, and rideshare users a purpose-built solution to solve today’s urban driving challenges. Our flagship SOLO EV is the perfect answer for enlightened drivers that recognize there is a smarter and better way to Drive SOLO. This is a major milestone for ElectraMeccanica and the EV industry, and I’m incredibly proud of the work our entire team and partners have put in to make this day a reality.”

– Paul Rivera, President and CEO of ElectraMeccanica

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