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Quiz: Let’s See If You Really Know Iuliana Beregoi

Iuliana Beregoi Quiz

Iuliana Beregoi is a Moldovan youtuber, singer, actress, vlogger, and according to the celebrity website she has one of the most visited profiles and attracts tons of comments from teens. If you don’t believe us, just have a look.

Well, you can cheat by accessing that link, but – if you’re already on this page – you might be a big fan of her already. Let’s put you to the test 😉

  • Question of

    When was she born?

    • 13 June 2003
    • 13 July 2004
    • 23 August 2004
    • 13 July 2003
  • Question of

    Where was Iuliana born?

    • Chișinău, Moldova
    • București, Romania
    • Bălți, Moldova
    • Orhei, Moldova
  • Question of

    What’s Iuliana’s star sign?

    • Gemini
    • Scorpio
    • Aquarius
    • Cancer
  • Question of

    Who’s happier in this photo? 🙂

    • The cat
    • Iuliana
  • Question of

    You could see her on a Netflix series – what’s that?

    • Outer Banks
    • Lara
    • Reasons Why
    • Team Kaylie

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