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Microlino v2 Wiki, Price, Specs

Microlino vs specs, dimensions, range

Microlino v2 Wiki

Microlino 2.0 is not a car, as you would think, but a mix between a motorbike and a car, that can transport 2 adults. And it has an interesting front door, instead of two on the sides. 

Microlino front door
 Microlino front door

The company’s headquarter is based in Zürich, Switzerland, but the production will take place in Turin, Italy.

Microlino v2 will be available in the three editions:

  • Urban – the most simple one, practical, and eco-friendly.
  • Dolce – its touch is more “vintage”, with chrome details that give a premium appearance, LED light bars, premium materials for the interior.
  • Competizione – this one looks more futuristic.

Microlino price

Its price starts from €12,500 (approximately $14,800).

Microlino v2 Specs & Performance

Weight: 513 kg
Max. speed: 90 km/h
Power: 16.7 HP / 12.5kW
Acceleration 0-50km/h: 5s
Max. Torque: 118Nm

There are 3 battery versions available, so the charging time and range varies, as mentioned below.


  • 6 kWh
  • 10.5 kWh
  • 14 kWh

Charging time:

  • 6 kWh: 4h
  • 10.5 kWh: 3h
  • 14 kWh: 4h


  • 95 km
  • 175 km
  • 230 km

Microlino Dimensions

  • Lenght: 2519mm
  • Width: 1473mm
  • Height: 1501mm
Microlino boot space
 Microlino boot space

  • Boot space: 230 liters (it’s quite hard to believe but the company actually says so)

Microlino on social media

This mini vehicle is quite popular online, with 80k likes on Facbook, 2.7k on Twitter, and 30k followers on Instagram.

Release date

That info is not yet available, but the Microlino bubble car will be delivered first in Switzerland, then in Germany, and after that throughout Europe. The production will hopefully start at the end of 2021.

Photos source: Instagram

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