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Dacia sandero boot dimensions

Dacia Sandero Wiki

A practical and cheap car (if not the cheapest), Dacia Sandero proves to have most of the requirements a European asks for. That’s why it become Europe’s best-selling car in July 2021.

Cheap but quite wel-equipped: it comes with a height and reach-adjustable steering wheel, auto wipers, keyless start, cruise control, rear parking sensors, Isofix points, child locks in the back. 

There’s enough room in the front and for passengers also. Let’s see some details about its dimensions, boot space and so on.

Dacia Sandero 2021 Dimensions

Dacia Sandero Dimensions: Width, Height, Length
Dacia Sandero Dimensions: Width, Height, Length


  • 4,088 millimeters.


  • 1,848 millimeters (without exterior mirrors).
  • 2,007 millimeters (without mirrors unfolded).


  • 1,499 millimeters.

As for Sandero Stepway’s dimensions, its taller brother, it is 36mm higher and 11mm longer, but its width is the same.

Boot size:

  • 328 liters in boot space.
  • 1.108 liters in boot space (after folding the rear seats).
dacia sandero boot size
Dacia Sandero boot size


Dacia Sandero boot size - folded rear seats
Dacia Sandero boot size with folded rear seats.

It’s boot size is lower than Renault Clio’s (391 liters), but higher than Ford Fiesta’s luggage space (292 liters).


It’s weight varies between 1,014 – 1,107 kilos, taking into account the version. Please note that the bi-fuel engine models have two fuel tanks and also extra installations, that add to the weight of the car.

Ground clearance: 162 mm.
Wheelbase: 2604 mm.
Fuel tank capacity:
50 liters for petrol and 40 for LPG.

Dacia Sandero 2021 Price

Sandero is sold in the U.K. starting at £8,995 (the Essential version), while the Comfort one starts from £11,995.


Please note that Dacia is the only carmaker that offers a full range of vehicles on the retail market with petrol and LPG bi-fuel engines.

Images source: Dacia UK

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