Dacia Duster Wiki, Boot Size, Dimensions, Ground Clearance (updated 2021)

Dacia Duster Dimensions, Ground Clearance, Boot Size Space

Dacia Duster Wiki

Dacia Duster is a compact SUV and it has received a subtle facelift in the summer of 2021 and many people already call this Dacia Duster 2022. Call it whatever, we’ll just summarize a bit on its specs, boot space dimensions, ground clearance, and so on.

Dacia Duster 2021/2022 Dimensions

Dacia Duster Boot Size Capacity
Dacia Duster Boot Size Capacity
dacia duster boot space dimensions - folded rear seats
Dacia Duster boot space dimensions – with folded rear seats.

Boot size:

  • 478 liters in boot space dimension.
  • 1,623 liters in boot space size (after folding the rear seats).
Dacia Duster Dimensions: Height, Weight, Length, Width
Dacia Duster Dimensions: Height, Weight, Length, Width
  • 4,341 millimeters.


  • 1,804 millimeters (without exterior mirrors).
  • 2,052 millimeters (without mirrors unfolded).


  • 1,693 millimeters.

It’s boot size capacity is much higher than Suzuki Vitara’s luggage space for example (375 liters).


It’s weight varies between 1,189 – 1,439 kilos, taking into account the version. Please note that the bi-fuel engine models have two fuel tanks and also extra installations, that add to the weight of the car.

Ground clearance: 217 mm.
Wheelbase: 2,673 mm.
Fuel tank capacity:
50 liters for petrol and 40 for LPG.

Dacia Duster 2021 Engines

Dacia Duster’s engine power: it runs from 91 Hp to 150 Hp:

  • 1.5 Blue dCi (diesel, 116 Hp)
  • 1.3 TCe (petrol, 131 or 150 Hp)
  • 1.0 TCe ECO-G (petrol + LPG, 101 Hp)
  • 1.0 TCe (petrol, 91 Hp)

Dacia Duster 2021 Price

The new “2022” Dacia Duster is sold in the U.K. starting at £13,995 (the Essential version), while the Comfort one starts from £15,495, and Prestige from £16,695.


Please note that Dacia is the only carmaker that offers a full range of vehicles on the retail market with petrol and LPG bi-fuel engines.


Large-size cabin, great “SUV” feeling, enough room for five adults, great luggage capacity. You can use the rear bench split 60:40 if you want to.

Images source: Dacia

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