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Dacia Bigster Wki, Dimensions, Specs, Release Date, Price

Dacia Spring Dimensions

Dacia Bigster Wiki

Renault presented on January 14th, 2021 the Dacia Bigster concept car, a robust SUV, the first one in the C-segment from the Romanian brand. As we’ve been used to, it will be a budget car, if we compare it to the existing models on the market. That means Bigster will cost as a car from the segment below, as the company states.

We may be surprised with an extra row of seats in the back, just as on the recently promoted Dacia Jogger. That means up to 7 seats on this bulky SUV. There are high chances that Dacia Bigster will have a hybrid version, at least this is what Gilles Le Borgne, EVP Engineering at Renault Group mentions:

Dacia and Lada are moving on the CMF-B platform for the next-gen Duster or the Bigster that we also announced. That is also to say that when Dacia or Lada will need technology, for example, for the E-Tech, the hybrid, we will be able to transfer the technology very easily to those ones.

Dacia Bigster Engines

This concept car may come with the following engines:

  • HR16 1.6-liter E-Tech engine
  • HR18 1.8-liter E-Tech engine
Dacia Bigster Dimensions
Dacia Bigster Dimensions

Dacia Bigster’s length will be around 4.6 meters (181.1 inches), 24 cm longer than the famous Duster.

Dacia Bigster Release Date

The French group has announced 2025 as a target for launching the new model, the one that will reveal the new logo formed by letters D and C, which will position the brand DACIA higher on the market, moving away from the low-cost zone.
New DACIA logo
New DACIA logo

Its price will probably start from £20,000, if we take into consideration the management’s statement related to the costs (similar to the cars from the segment below; we considered VW T-Roc as comparison).

As for the boot space dimensions, Dacia didn’t release any info, but we may expect at least 80 liters above Duster, making Bigster’s luggage space around 550 liters.

The rugged appearance may help Dacia break America too. What do you think? Please leave a comment down below.


Photos source: Instagram

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